• Asset & Investment Management Ltd
  • 4 St Johns Mews, 13 St Johns Road
  • Hampton Wick
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • KT1 4AN
  • Tel: 020 8943 4343
  • Fax: 020 8943 4346

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Asset & Investment Management Ltd
4 St Johns Mews
13 St Johns Road
Hampton Wick
Kingston upon Thames

Telephone No: 020 8943 4343

Fax No: 020 8943 4346

Email: enquiries@aimifa.com

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Mission Statement

  •  We offer a confidential service 24/7 aimed at protecting your existing wealth, ensuring your assets grow in value, in line with your expectations, whilst managed by AIM. 
  • We believe that by proactive management your exposure to risk can be minimised.
  • We believe that a small change in the manner in which you manage your assets can make a considerable difference to your finances in the future.
  • We are committed to treating our clients fairly and consequently we will always recommend the financial product we believe best meets the needs of the client. We are not driven to maximise our commission/fees when offering advice to a client.
  • We consider that it is essential that before offering any financial advice that we meet face to face with a potential client. This meeting is free of charge.
  • We will - based on the information obtained at this meeting - submit a formal written report detailing our recommendations. This report is provided free of charge.
  • We believe once you are a client of the firm that it is important for us to review in person, on a regular basis, your financial needs/aspirations and your investment risk profile
  • We accept that clients with diverse asset portfolios may have allocated the management to different financial advisors.
  • We believe in the continued professional development of all our staff so as to ensure they are best placed to offer impartial up to date advice.

Our fees

  • Initial consultations are free of charge.
  • We will always detail our commission/fees before a client commits to any financial product that we have recommended.
  • Our charges can be structured in several ways. Some clients prefer a fee based approach, whilst others are more comfortable with a commission basis.


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