• Asset & Investment Management Ltd
  • 4 St Johns Mews, 13 St Johns Road
  • Hampton Wick
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • KT1 4AN
  • Tel: 020 8943 4343
  • Fax: 020 8943 4346

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Asset & Investment Management Ltd
4 St Johns Mews
13 St Johns Road
Hampton Wick
Kingston upon Thames

Telephone No: 020 8943 4343

Fax No: 020 8943 4346

Email: enquiries@aimifa.com




What we can do

We ensure that you have the right financial products at the right times throughout your life. As a practice, we passionately believe that the most rewarding thing you can do with your money is add purpose and plan.

At AIM, our experience and expertise in Investment & Pension Planning, Estate Planning, Taxation, Cash Flow Management, Mortgages and Protection put us at the forefront of being a trusted source of advice.

How we can help

We do two things: 'Financial Planning' and 'Investment Management'.

Your Financial Plan will guarantee that your money is managed with your goals in mind, whether that is preservation or accumulation. It will ensure that both you and your family are protected and aware of all the opportunities available to you. Living life in the absence of a financial plan is like driving in the fog. We remove the fog and show you where you can go!

Our Investment Management service means that your wealth is given our personal attention. Your portfolio may be well diversified or have concentrated focus. It may be providing you an income or snowballing for the future. Either way you can rest assured that there is someone who intensely cares about the minute and finite details of your investments and that you get out of it exactly what you want.

Where to start

The first meeting is at our expense, and with no obligation to you. It is an opportunity for you to meet your adviser and understand what services we provide, in order to decide whether we can work well together. At the end of this meeting, you will have enough information to decide if you wish to use AIM services. We are a fee based practice and all the costs of any work we do for you will be clear and agreed up front. You will have a fee agreement which will outline: the fee for your financial plan and the fee for your on-going services.


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